A brief note from the Communities team.
Flood Wardens and Resilience Plans

Traditionally, flood wardens have been called upon once a flood warning has been issued. If an evacuation is necessary, then their responsibility is to ensure a suitable place (e.g., village hall) is available for local residents.

Flood wardens

The warden may assist members of the public to the place of safety and remain with them until it’s safe for them to return to their homes/businesses. The Council’s Employers’ and Public Liability policy should provide cover for the flood warden scheme and any volunteers they call upon.

Any activity that involves deep or fast-moving water remains the responsibility of the emergency services and/or the resilience team.

Concern may arise over flood wardens who could be out in adverse weather conditions monitoring waterways, which means they are walking in potentially wet, uneven or slippery areas.

The Council should ensure this potential hazard is assessed and included in their risk assessment and safety guidelines provided to the flood wardens.


Due to the varied activities that can be undertaken in providing resilience, normally in extreme weather conditions or events such as power cuts or terrorism, if your Council has or is considering implementing a resilience plan, please contact us to ensure your current policy will provide appropriate cover.

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