Scheduled for 15th of December at 10am
Upcoming webinar on Counter Terrorism & Procurement

Join Gallagher‘s Regional Director, Mark Sangster, for our sector-specific December webinar aimed at all organisations funded by the public purse. Whether you are an educator, healthcare provider or local Government organisation, this webinar covers two very important topics that should be relevant to you.

Firstly, Gallagher’s Justin Priestly will be providing some information on the proposed “Protect Duty” legislation. In February 2020, the UK Home Office launched a public consultation to consider how legislation can be introduced to improve the protection of the public and public spaces from terrorist attacks. The legislation is likely to land in 2023, and will require in scope organisations to evidence a baseline counter terrorism strategy in these events.

It is likely that your organisation will be in scope - what could this mean for you?

Keeping to the Legislative theme Hannah Chapelhow, from Clyde & Co LLP Solicitors, will be providing an update on the public procurement Green Paper consultation. The Green Paper, published in 2020, proposed some pretty significant changes to the procurement legislation in the UK. Whilst legislative changes will not happen until 2023, it is important that organisations subject to the regulations understand what the changes could mean for them. A good procurement process does not happen overnight and work can start even now to position yourself well.

The webinar will go ahead on 15th December 2021 at 10am, if you’d like to find out more and sign up then click the button below: