Healthy Working is a cost-effective E-Learning and Self Assessment Tool. It will help you reduce administration, while improving productivity and reducing injury-related discomfort Partnering with the Health & Safety Executive has resulted in many features unique to Healthy Working, designed to make an impactful difference and achieve DSE compliance.
Healthy Working

Healthy Working in the time of COVID-19 and working from home

Although HSE advised there was no increased level of risk for those working at home temporarily , the rules on long-term home working haven’t changed and the risks still need to be controlled, with a workstation assessment being required. Gallagher, in partnership with Cardinus, is able to offer access to remote DSE assessment tools and generally assist in the preparation of employees returning to the physical office, whilst also offering staff e-learning modules such as:

  • Comfort and posture
  • Fire and electrical hazards
  • Well-being
  • Safe driving
  • Returning to the workplace
  • Personal safety

How Healthy Working could help your company

Step 1 – Ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment

Each of your employees will receive e-learning that targets their individual needs. Specialist content is provided that encourages measurable behaviour change. An integrated self-assessment allows for further dedicated feedback. Most of your risk will be resolved at this stage.

Step 2 – Communication and nudges

Healthy Working provides video-based stretching exercises, smart phone applications, hot-desking advice, and real-time feedback and support, ensuring your DSE programme is proactive an encourages your employees to participate and take ownership of their comfort.

Step 3 – PACE

You and your DSE team can use the powerful management module, PACE, to resolve the small amount of outstanding risk that cannot be managed by the employee directly. This ensures intervention is targeted, appropriate and results-driven. The main benefit of this approach is that all relevant information is held in one place, providing full reporting history for your health and safety duty of care, and ensuring DSE actions are tracked.

Key capabilities for our Healthy Working offering

The approach to Healthy Working is focused on providing value and being led by our customer needs, these are the key capabilities we instill in our customer programmes:

  • Personalised programme – e-learning is tailored to the needs of each individual employee through a thorough analysis of every work station.
  • Custom branding – Healthy Working is fully customisable and can be adapted to meet your branding requirements.
  • Data protection – the Healthy Working solution platform is certificated compliant with ISO27001 ensuring sensitive business and personal data is secured.

Healthy Working free evaluation

The free evaluation is an easy process with the results then being used to dictate the ergonomics software to best suit your organisation. We will set you up with a live, unrestricted system with automated emails to invite your selected delegates into the program.

As they complete the e-learning and self-assessment we will prompt them for feedback (good and bad), and save their comments into your PACE management module for you to review.

The evaluation will provide:

  • Honest feedback from employees regarding their experience with Healthy Working.
  • Real risk data so you can understand what resources may be needed to support your software-based ergonomics program.
  • Access to the PACE management tool to ensure it works the way you want it to work.

Speak to your usual Gallagher contact for more information, or visit our Risk Management area of the website.