Over the last two years construction companies have operated in a very different risk landscape, which continues to bring challenges throughout the supply chain.

Those that have weathered the storm so far continue to experience delays and disruption as the Russia-Ukraine crisis adds to the pain caused by Brexit and the pandemic.

This article explores:

  • The results of research commissioned by Gallagher to identify the key risks construction companies are facing and perceptions on key causes.
  • How the landscape has changed in recent years—the top risks identified by UK construction businesses in 2022 versus the top risks pre-COVID-19.
  • An insight into how the materials and skilled labour shortages are affecting construction businesses of all sizes.
  • How cash-flow problems and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) payments are continuing to put pressure on many firms.
  • The rise of cybercrime in the construction industry and the action some business leaders are taking to respond to increased cyber risk.