Take some of the stress out of managing your cyber risks.
Incident Response Clinics Webinar

Failing to prepare is often an ominous sign that an organisation is preparing to fail. This phrase is heightened when applied to Cyber Incidents. Should the worst happen, it’s essential that there are a set of processes and instructions in place that allow management to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gallagher invite you to our webinar clinics providing a deep insight into how to plan and prepare for Cyber Incidents. The clinics offer a small, relaxed, informal setting where John Clarke our Cyber Risk Consultant will help you identify, analyse and evaluate where the risks may be within your IT estate. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business, and get pragmatic answers and solutions.

Incident Response is best handled when there are no incidents to respond to! First and foremost it is essential to ensure that systems, networks, and any and all applications are secure. This is a fundamental first step in ensuring the success of a strong incident response programme.

Identification is focussed on defining the scope of the incident and creating a clear picture of answering how, what, why, where and when the incident occurred. Incidents can occur in countless ways, so it’s difficult to develop step-by-step instructions for handling every single incident, therefore its paramount to secure your organisation against common attack vectors.

Containment is important before an incident overwhelms resources or increases damage. After an incident has been contained, eradication may be necessary to eliminate components of the incident, as well as identifying and mitigating all vulnerabilities that were exploited.

After recovering from the incident, how do we best learn from it? This session is aimed at the questions you should be asking and how to conduct a successful 'lessons learned' exercise that allows you to harden your defences.

The clinics will be held via Microsoft Teams and comprise of a small group.

Date and Time

Tuesday 1st March 2022
Tuesday 24th May 2022
Tuesday 6th September 2022
Tuesday 15th November 2022

10:00am to 11:30am
45 minute presentation
45 minutes open group discussion

To book your seat at our webinar clinic please contact your Gallagher Account Executive or John Clarke on 07523 920751.

The content of this webinar is for general information purposes only. For more specific advice bespoke to your business, please contact your usual Gallagher broker.