Join us on 16 March 2022.
Buildings Costs Rising, Implications of Underinsurance, and the importance of Risk Management

In the latest webinar hosted by Gallagher's Communities team, we will be discussing three important areas of interest to Local Councils: rising building costs, the implications of underinsurance, and the importance of Risk Management.

Firstly, Philip Barmby, Managing Director of Brawdia, will be exploring the recent building costs increase, along with the implications of building valuations, how important it is to have this maintained and the reasoning why.

Andrew Cheney, Chief Risk & Valuation Advisor for Hiscox, will then provide insight into the importance of Risk Management from the perspective of an insurer.

The webinar will go ahead on 16th March 2022 at 10am, if you’d like to find out more and sign up then click the link below: