With many new risks emerging in the way we operate, interact and engage within the Social Housing sector, it is vital that we evolve our knowledge, understanding and skills to these potential threats.

Author: Martin Crowe


There are a number of pressures on the Social Housing sector and within this bulletin we will focus on issues that have become more present this year. To prepare for risks which may lie ahead, take a look at some of the articles we have produced.

  • Article 1: Preventing Fraud in the Social Housing Sector – page 2
  • Article 2: Property Valuations – Under and Over Insurance in the Social Housing Sector – page 4
  • Article 3: Introducing the Risk Management Portal for Social Housing – page 5
  • Article 4: Emerging Fire Risk – Electric Scooters – page 6
  • Article 5: Cyber Liability – Are You Prepared? – page 7
  • Article 6: The Effects of Subsidence – what you need to know – page 9


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