With a unique heritage, FatFace creates product ranges for women, men, kids, footwear and accessories – clothing for the whole family to live life in.

A British, family and lifestyle clothing brand, FatFace is a multichannel retailer with a thriving international digital business, which sits alongside over 200 UK stores, 20-plus stores in the US, several new stores in Canada and a highly engaged social community.

With products designed with purpose and built to last, FatFace is a brand with sustainability at its core, and a clear strategy around three key pillars – product, planet, and community.

Risk management

Recent global events have taught FatFace that risk management needs to be fluid and responsive to the ever-changing environment and associated risks. It no longer requires for a rigid risk management framework, but one that can evolve and be sensitive to the business and customer needs.

FatFace has learned that calling upon tried and tested tools to help respond to risks – for example, regularly updating and testing its business continuity plan – is invaluable.

The Gallagher partnership

FatFace feels that it is critical that its insurance broker understands its business and provides proactive advice on cover and risk management. In an ever-changing and fast-paced environment, the retailer looks to its third-party advisors to offer the best knowledge and guidance to assist it in making business decisions.

FatFace chose Gallagher as it felt we took the time to really understand its business and provide some fresh perspective. It also really valued our open and honest approach.

Gallagher has already started to help support FatFace’s future growth in Canada. By being a global business, Gallagher can call on local expertise to help provide guidance and solutions.

FatFace says, “Gallagher has not only helped to reduce some of our premiums but also has been able to be agile with our requirements. It has shared its knowledge and experience to help manage our risks in a commercially sensitive way.”

FatFace's Values

  • Living Life: Life is for living and should be an incredible adventure
  • Better Together: The greatest fun is had spending time with those we love
  • Feeling Good: Finding time to feel good with a healthy body and mind
  • Positivity and Fun: Celebrating the smallest moments with the biggest smiles
  • Environmentally Conscious: Devoted to style. Dedicated to sustainability
  • One Community: Equality and inclusion isn’t an aspiration but the standard


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