In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, the housing sector faces unprecedented challenges from cyber threats. It's crucial for housing professionals and stakeholders to understand the evolving landscape of cyber threats and the proactive strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Join us in our webinar on “Navigating the Digital Frontier: Cyber Threats, Mitigation, and Incident Response Planning Unveiled” on Thursday 16th November 2023 at 11:00am, where cybersecurity specialist Georgia Price-Hunt delves into the complex realm of cyber threats, mitigation strategies, and effective incident response planning.

With a wealth of experience in the field, we will guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, providing valuable insights and actionable techniques to safeguard your organisation against malicious cyber attacks. Learn how to identify, assess, and counter various cyber threats while developing robust incident response plans tailored to your organisation's needs. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity knowledge and fortify your digital defences.

Whether you're a housing industry professional, policymaker, or technology enthusiast, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to proactively combat cyber threats and protect the integrity of the housing sector. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the cyber threat landscape and contribute to a safer digital future for housing communities.

This webinar will be co-hosted by Georgia Price-Hunt (Commercial Manager, Cyber Risk Management) and Paul Dixon (Account Director, Social Housing), and will conclude with a live audience Q&A session.

If you’re unable to join us on the day then please do still register in order to receive a link to watch at your own convenience.