Your organisation’s cyber threat defence team.

Author: Johnty Mongan


A constantly shifting cyber risk landscape demands continuous risk management. To help our clients achieve this, we have created Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre—an ongoing package of support, available as an annual service.

Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre is a collection of tools and services for Gallagher clients who want to take a proactive and continuous approach to managing their cyber risk.

It includes access to cyber risk specialists and offensive security technology to help you defend your organisation against cyber incidents. All Gallagher policyholders in any business sector have the opportunity to sign up for this service.

This unique, holistic approach is focused on the cyber and threat intelligence required to continually tackle the cyber problem—enabling you to adapt and evolve as you need to.

Gallagher has developed this solution to ensure that our clients can have straightforward access to a specialist cyber service that will help them manage what we believe remains a top-tier threat for all organisations.

The following tools and services are included when you become a member of the Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre:

  • Vulnerability scanning—Our Cyber Defence team will monitor your external boundaries and provide you updates every 14 days as to the known vulnerabilities with your technology portfolio. This report will outline where your low, medium and high-risk technology vulnerabilities reside.
  • Threat intelligence webinars—Forewarned is forearmed. As a cyber-insurance broker we deal with a huge amount of claims, and from this, we gain extensive intelligence on the latest threats and methods of attack. We can provide real-time updates on where your organisation needs to be focusing its cyber defence efforts.
  • Secure humans—The biggest contributor to a cyber incident is human vulnerability. Each quarter we will host a series of cybersecurity training webinars designed for your employees at all levels of understanding. Throughout the year, your staff can be trained by our specialist cybersecurity team in the role they can play in defending your organisation. Topics will include boundary control, email security and phishing, working from home, data protection and more.
  • Virtual cybersecurity officer—Your IT team will have the opportunity to be part of the Security community and share best practice and insights. Each month, Gallagher will host a virtual summit hosted by key specialists in our team, ranging from offensive security professionals to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) implementers. We will conduct tech reviews and signpost the latest insight on how to secure your network.
  • Gallagher Cyber Risk Matters newsletter—We will send you regular email updates on the latest cyber thinking so that you can stay informed. We are in the age of information, and these key insights can support you to make key changes and adaptions to your security efforts.
  • Cyber Essentials—Through Gallagher, you can take advantage of lower prices on Cyber Essentials and IASME accreditation. Cyber Essentials is the government-backed information security standard that offers 70+ controls to better secure your network.
  • Community intelligence—You will be part of a community of security professionals where your contribution counts. You will be invited to monthly discussions about key security concerns and live threats your organisation needs to be aware of. We will be bringing forward thought leadership and solutions for network configuration, technology optimisation, risk management and risk transfer. As a collective, we are stronger together in the offensive efforts against cybercriminals.
  • Other security services—Take advantage of the wider security services the Gallagher Cyber Risk Management Practice provides, and receive preferential pricing as a Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre member. Services such as penetration testing, phishing simulations, ISO27001, incident response planning, maturity assessments and more, are all available to you when you become part of our community.

We will help you guard your organisation from potential threats, both seen and unseen, through an ‘always on’ approach to cybersecurity.


What does Gallagher Cyber Defence Centre membership cost?

We offer various levels of pricing, depending on the size of your organisation. *All prices are subject to VAT and are charged on an annual basis.

To find out more, please visit our Cyber Defence Centre.

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