Flexible work practices can attract, retain, and engage top talent. Employers who want to deliver a better employee experience have an opportunity to leverage these benefits and policies as a competitive advantage.
Holistic approach to Employee Experience

With recovery in sight and an ever changing working environment, there are so many more options available to employees - when it comes to reward and benefits, employee expectations are higher than ever. The last 18 months has seen unprecedented changes to technology, and employees who are more open to using online systems than ever before. Due to the ever changing environment, employees also require more flexibility to meet their needs.

It is clear that some employers are responding to this and reflecting it in their total reward offering, with 43% of organisations looking to improve flexibility, in order to extend individual choice. Gallagher’s 2021 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Report shows that two in five organisations offer some flexibility in their benefits provision and of those, only one in five provide a tech-enabled flexible benefits platform to their employees. Very few organisations have embraced a ‘total compensation’ model offering total flexibility for their people to design their own benefits package.

The ever changing world is having a continual influence on employee expectation which in turn is impacting how organisations are bringing their strategy and direction to life, especially as face to face opportunities have been difficult. The challenge for leadership to use role modelling to demonstrate the values of the organisation, especially in a global environment, needs to be tailored to engage with their employees.

With this in mind it is not surprising that physical and emotional wellbeing is still a massive focus for organisations, alongside the provision of financial advice using online solutions. Organisations need to take a holistic approach that puts employee experience at the centre the organisation’s productivity and success.

Now more than ever, employers have an opportunity to deliver a better employee experience. Employee needs are diverse, multifaceted, and extend beyond the workplace - these employee needs are at the heart of Gallagher Better WorksSM. To help your employees excel in their work means purposefully cultivating the employee experience — with a powerful cultural narrative, inspiring leadership, benefits, HR and compensation programs that include appealing ways of working, fostering life balance, building confidence and trust and connectivity to community and society-at-large.

As a leading, full life cycle employee benefits consultancy, trusted by companies across all sectors to help them build better workplaces, we know better than most just how challenging, time consuming and resource hungry revitalising current employee benefits offerings can be.

We also know how the right mix of tech and expertise can transform your people experience (PX) – and make life easier for organisations and their people.

Which is why we’ve developed a people experience technology that delivers not only exceptional PX through a combination of hyper personalisation, educational content, impactful design and interactive functionality; but one that wraps expertly curated content around forward-looking tech, capturing employee preferences upfront, and using deep learning to redefine what great employee communications look like.