Professional Indemnity Insurance

We believe Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is a crucial and increasingly vital aspect of a Universities’ Insurance Programme. In recent years we have seen an escalation in questions and queries around how this insurance cover operates and links to day to day activities.

This guidance has been produced for Gallagher Higher Education Institution clients to provide background on how this important element of cover operates and as claims frequency and quantum increase we have provided guidance, in conjunction with your PI insurer, as to how to make a claim.

We would recommend that this guidance is shared with any colleagues within your institution that could find themselves dealing with a complaint or contract breach and that they are aware of the importance of reporting circumstances to insurers - and to do so within stipulated policy timeframes. This would include relevant departments such as HR, Legal, Procurement, Student Liaison (including complaints) and Governance.

We would strongly recommend you have a formal reporting process in place and this is communicated effectively across your institution. You do not need to share this with those who don’t have a genuine right to see this or anyone outside of the institution.

We will be happy to take further questions and queries around this upon request.

A claim of professional negligence can be made against anyone considered to have expertise in the services they provide.

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