It is an unfortunate fact that cyber criminals are continuing to develop ever more sophisticated mechanisms to access valuable and sensitive data.

Whilst cyber insurance may be available to help pick up the pieces after an event, it will never fully rectify the reputational damage or loss of consumer confidence. Prevention is always better than the cure, but how can you prevent something you can’t see?

Join us for our next Public Sector and Education webinar at 10am on 27 April 2022, when we will be looking at recent developments in cybercrime and what the future will hold for insurance protection.

Johnty Mongan, Head of Cyber Risk Management at Gallagher, Georgia Price Hunt, Cyber Risk consultant, and Nick Barker, Associate Director, Technology and Cyber Practice, will be joining Paul Latham from the Gallagher Public Sector team for a focused session on this high profile topic.

Across the two sessions we will look at:

  • Some recent incidents, their cause and their impact
  • Current and emerging cyber risks with some practical solutions to help organisations protect themselves
  • How the cyber insurance market is fairing, current market trends and what the future holds for cyber insurance

These session will be valuable for risk professionals and those responsible for your organisation’s e-security strategy.

If you’re unable to attend on the day please register and we will send you a link to watch the webinar ‘on demand’ at your convenience.