It is clear that 2021 has been another hugely challenging time for aviation with continued travel restrictions impacting operations, and as the year comes to an end we again find ourselves facing uncertainty as a new coronavirus variant threatens to delay recovery efforts.
Plane Talking Q1

It remains too early to say what impact this may have but we remain cautiously optimistic that we may be back on track soon.

Fortunately market conditions are improving, insurance capacity and competition has increased and rating trend curves have flattened across all sectors; we expect to see a more stable insurance market in 2022 with less price volatility.

Our latest edition of Plane Talking covers the above in more detail as well as;

  • Market Trends & Challenges Q&A with Rachel Barrie
  • Airline Insurance Q&A with Nigel Weyman
  • A look at data usage in aviation security risks with Andrew Nicholson
  • A special feature on inflation in damages claims, and more.