Developments in aviation safety, quality and risk management.

In this edition of Flight Plan, we cover a wide variety of topics, with feature articles from a range of industry professionals. This edition includes an article from Linda Werfelman, Senior Editor at the Flight Safety Foundation, highlighting the new risks facing European airspace. She covers the aviation risks resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impacts already being felt.

As the aviation industry continues to recover from the effects of the enduring COVID-19 pandemic, it now faces further challenges from the broader global economic state. Dave Malins, Principle at DM Aviation Consulting, gives commentary on the current market, as well as outlining why an effective Safety Management System (SMS) for Airworthiness must be rooted in a strong compliance culture.

Additionally, Simon Harlow, of Sirius Aviation, discusses the importance of integration of safety management systems to ensure a continuity of effective performance data, and allow risk-based decision making within organisations.

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