Through our work with the Higher Education (HE) sector we understand that study abroad, staff and student travel and what has now been termed ‘global mobility’ is a key risk topic.
Travel and global mobility

Most universities in the UK will have engagement outside of the UK whether it be study abroad projects, employees based overseas, secondments, joint ventures or overseas assets including campuses.

There are varieties of risk areas relating to this that need to be identified, assessed and managed. These include HR risks from an increasingly globally mobile workforce and how best to support students and staff both in preparation for travelling and when incidents occur overseas.

There has been a considerable change in attitude and perception around how to manage these risks and whilst the insurance protection available is still important, there is an increasingly high focus on prevention and proactive support.

This bulletin looks at both best practice in such support and looks to better understand how the insurance cover, which remains vital, is structured on cover and service to maximise your overall travel risk management strategies.