Welcome to the latest edition of Plane Talking – Gallagher’s quarterly specialist Aerospace publication.

Author: Peter Elson


In our last edition of Plane Talking we reported that the Russia/Ukraine conflict had brought uncertainty to the market outlook, in particular over its potential impact on future conditions and pricing. As the third quarter concluded, uncertainty continues to prevail as the repercussions of the war play out, and at this juncture play out slowly.

Looking ahead, the potential for upwards rating pressure should not be ignored but based on early indications for fourth quarter renewals currently in negotiation, for now we see little to suggest a drastic shift in market conditions during the final months of 2022. That said, conditions are very delicately balanced.

In this edition, we cover a broad range of topics from commentary on current aviation market conditions and losses, to a summary of the latest market moves and Gallagher news. Additionally, we are very pleased to present a report from our Cyber colleagues as well as feature articles from Andrew Nicholson, CEO at Osprey Flight Solutions and Paul McLean, Managing Director at IPP.

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